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Thank you for stopping by my photoblog. My name is Stefan Neuweger and I’m a photography enthusiast based in the Munich area. The pictures I post on this photoblog surely don’t fulfill the directive to please everyone. So I’ll be more than happy if you leave a comment stating your opinion, may it be negative or positive feedback – your constructive criticism is a measure to learn that i will gladly be using.

The contents on this website including all images are copyrighted by me, Stefan Neuweger. In case you plan to make use of my picutres for private or business purposes please ask for authorisation beforehand. You can easily do so by clicking here and filling out the contact from to leave me a message.

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To my mind the result of one’s photographic efforts in terms of creative quality is not dependent on the equipment used. There may be a positive impact to technical quality when using advanced technical equipment, but as i understand the technical quality is a minor criterion when it comes down to judging creative work. Looking at so many pictures created using gear like Polaroid, Lomo or even cellphones that turn out to be equally brilliant as photographs created with highly sophisticated stuff like DSLRs and lenses in the multiple thousand dollar range – i learned to see camera, lenses and gear as what they are – pure tools to achieve your artistic vision, nothing more and nothing less.

Currently I’m using a Canon 5D M2 DSLR with lenses from 24mm to 200mm plus additional stuff like flashguns, tripods, some filters and some nice bags 😉 For postproduction I’m running a PC with a load of RAM and some decent fast processor so that i can run my favorite tools for postprocessing at ease… by the way – as you might already have assumed – i’m speaking of Photoshop and Lightroom with some additional plugins.

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